Wk 1- Art Activity- Plaster Casting

When I saw that we had an activity to do at the beach, I literally started jumping for joy. Honestly, I didn’t expect one of my classes this semester to have a fun aspect associated with it. After seeing this assignment, I was completely surprised and super excited to embark on this art journey for this semester. Looking ahead on the assignments online, I feel as if I’m testing new waters and learning new things, which is pretty great. For example, next week’s art activity deals with vlogs that I have no experience with. However, I do enjoy watching vlogs on YouTube, so I’m looking forward to experiencing what some people do for a living with their videos online. On the other hand, this week’s art activity was quite challenging for me to be honest.IMG_3937.jpg

Today, I walked onto the beach and was gladly welcomed by Coach Zucman. There were many people that had already started their activity, so I decided I had to start soon. I first started by digging a hole and going through all the steps listed; however, I found one specific portion to be quite difficult. When I attempted to take my hand and foot out of the hole, I had trouble trying not to ruin the shape. This is a technical aspect where I had to try to angle my hand or foot in order to get the best result possible. Within aesthetics, it was a beautiful sight to see that people, like me (not an artistic person), are able to do art activities similar to this plaster casting activity. As for the creative side, we were able to choose what type of body parts and hand or foot movements for our molds. In the future, I hope to project a better result as for technical aspects of trying to build a better shape with plaster. Below is a picture of three attempts of plaster casting, and it wasn’t perfect sadly. The best result to me was of my hand, which is the last picture presented in this blog.


Overall, the experience was great besides some difficulties. This was a first experience for me because I am honestly not the artistic type. I wish I was, but I’m not that good at drawings and all other art activities in general. Plaster casting can be adapted or a part of our lives through dental procedures, such as molding our teeth structures for braces and false teeth. It’s a great technique or skill to know for future references, whether it be for fun activities or future occupations. Final note, thanks Coach Zucman for providing ice tea! It was great 🙂 Truly, a happy Sunday after having fun at the beach while doing art work.


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