Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

For the art activity this week of automatic drawing, I decided to share this experience with my mother. She actually just came back from a vacation in the Philippines, so I really missed spending time with her. Furthermore, this activity gave me time to bond with her through art itself. As you can see from the two pictures below, she made me laugh a lot; however, it was time to get serious after a while. Just as Glenn said himself, the oil pastels guided itself through time as we drew through random motions. Honestly, I could say that I didn’t even feel myself moving my hands since the motion of our hands was quite smooth.



As for the results of our automatic drawing, it honestly didn’t turn out as wonderful as I expected. Looking at the blog of past examples, they all looked like they were beautifully done. However, ours turned out to be like a child’s drawing with random circles and spirals. I guess I can relate it to my relationship with my mother: I make her head spin in circles when I give her headaches, yet the constant lines show how much she loves me and bears with my weird attitude and mood swings at times. Sorry mom! Overall, this art activity was one of my favorites since it allowed my mother and I to experience art in a simple way.



Wk 5 – EC – LA Art Book Fair


On Saturday morning, I woke up really early at around six in the morning since I had a nursing test to take at CSULA. It was pretty nerve-wracking, but I mean it was over within four, long hours. Once the test was done, my family picked me up and surprised me with tacos. I was literally jumping for joy when I got those because I was starving ever since the beginning of the test. Anyways, tacos done and set aside, we headed towards the Geffen Contemporary for the LA Art Book Fair.


To be honest, there was so much going on that I got a little overwhelmed. However, every corner I looked to had something special within their art portrayals. It was all fascinating to look at, and I honestly admired art from all the categories ranging from photography to magazines and even more. However, I really liked the pieces within the front building. Specifically, I loved the case full of items that related back to cultural aspects. Oh, and here’s a picture of me in front of the exhibit that was full of great-cultured paintings and objects.



Also, I found this poster with numbers, which I found to be so random. However, I pondered about the real meaning, so I read the little box on the side stating that it related back to the electoral votes within the election that Hillary Clinton was a part of. As for the piece below that, it was intriguing to see clocks that were centered on plates that were meant for food. Of course this caught my eye because I just love food so much! Haha. The last picture just shows linear lines of cool colors that looked beautiful in my eyes. Overall, the LA Art Book Fair was a fun opportunity to experience even though it was crowded. Moreover, I got to see true art in various forms.




Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Katia Swihart

Exhibition Information

Artist: Katia Swihart
Exhibition: Description of a Struggle
Media: Drawing & Painting, Mixed-Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: katiaswihartart.blogspot.com
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Katia Swihart is an Undergraduate student at CSULB, who is currently in the program of Studio Art: Drawing and Painting. Besides the artistic value interest of painting itself, she’s also interested in poetry, comic books, and video games. As for her exhibit as a whole, each piece resembles a part of who she was and is now. Moreover, her artwork encompasses her sexuality, familial matters, and career opportunities. Each piece basically was a simple step on her pathway that guided her to figure out what specifically made her stand out as an artist.


Formal Analysis

Walking into the Gatov Gallery West, I was presented with an exhibit full of color and patterns. Moreover, it wasn’t easy to distinguish that her artwork had some past trauma and negative influences on her. The media she used was everyday pieces that she combined that had sentimental value to her. For example, her artwork with her sister in it was just a simple piece that helped her figure out what certain materials and techniques to use. To describe one piece in particular, being the mattress, there was a mixture of bright colors with a jagged feel to it. Moreover, the cape behind it was more of a straight, lined piece that somewhat contrasted the front part of the mattress. As for the pieces that dealt with her job at Jersey Mike’s, high-saturated polychromatic colors were used in random areas of the objects. The shapes of these pieces varied from rectangles to ovals and other random shapes. The last piece that I wanted to talk about was the dark painting that had a center piece of a human with a border of shapes around it. Furthermore, this piece was done with paint with straight lines.

Content Analysis

With the first piece of the mattress, it reflected her relationship with her father. The artwork titled “Father’s Metamorphosis” was encompassed around the whole ideal that her dad was both a hero and a villain in her life. Moreover, he somewhat devalued her as an artist saying that she should build upon literature of the past to build intellect in order to become the best artist possible. Anyways, the piece was built by angrily beating up the mattress while the other half was calm with simple painting done on random parts of the mattress. For her sister’s picture piece, she focused on figuring out certain style points for her future projects. Additionally, it made her realize that she enjoyed painting on 3D objects. In a way, she developed into a sculptor with not much interest in flat paintings and more on sheen-material dimensionality pieces. Lastly, the pieces relating to her part-time job at Jersey Mike’s related to a great portion of her life. For the dark blue painting, the purpose dealt with a relationship that she had with a guy that worked at her job. Furthermore, she was in love with this specific guy, yet this guy intimidated her and even haunted her dreams. The positive side to this piece and the guy that she loved himself was that he pushed her to figure out her sexuality. In a way, her job became part of her identity. All of her pieces together explored who she was as a person and the milestones she reached.

Synthesis / My Experience

To sum it all up, Katia’s artwork was one of my favorites since it was more of the realistic ones that could closely relate to my life. At times, I feel like my parents push me as hard as her father did. Moreover, we both are inspired from our parents’ views. Relating to her artwork, I love how she used bright colors in randomized places to hide the shadow of her anger and trauma. In a way, I can say that I somewhat hide my negative feelings within me or in a piece by trying to show the positive, bright colors on the outside. As for the pieces relating to her past part-time job, I can say that the shining colors show how I feel within my current part-time job. Just like Katia, my job has now become a part of who I am. Even if she hated customer service and the job itself, she learned to love it. Within my job now, I feel as if I grew a family and I could show that within the colors she chose in her piece. Truly, this exhibition was one that caught my eye since the artist herself shared quite some similarities to my life itself.

IMG_4205 2.jpg





Wk 4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package (ACP)


When I think of sending packages, I always picture sending things that are of valuable worth to people that mean the world to me. In this case, my art care package is meant for my high school sweetheart: Andrew Abellanosa. As I was creating this package, I was picturing all the moments we had together. The fun, the not so fun. I would say the hills in our relationship led to more sunshines at the end of the road. Through everything that has happened, he was and still is the type of guy that is humorous, handsome, intelligent, and many other positive attributes. Truly, I could go on and on about this guy; however, the blog is about the art care package itself (so let’s not do that).

The assemblage of this art care package is somewhat scrambled, which represents our relationship. However, the things within it hold great memories and unforgettable days or nights filled with laughter. The nerf gun was an impulse buy from his part because we both saw this tweet about a couple living together, and they were all about fun. He wanted to imitate fun in that sense and buy us both nerf guns, so that we could battle each other in the house and backyard just for the fun of it. Moving down, I placed my hospital band from when I had a lab-related injury. He ended up running to the hospital as soon as I got there even if it wasn’t that big of a scar, which showed that he really cared :). Below that are polaroid pictures, the colored one being our first polaroid with my dog while the white one was at one of my family parties. Basically, it symbolizes that he’s a part of my family, and I’m really glad to capture those moments. Oh, and we also bought the polaroid camera together, if that matters! The “postcard” in the middle was an invitation to our high school prom, which was one of our best nights together. He’s so sweet cause he asked me to slow dance with him to a song, like a typical Disney Princess moment. The ticket above that is from a Lakers basketball game that he invited me to, which was really fun being able to see the players up close and personal. As for the infinity necklace, Andrew gave it to me as a birthday present to show how much I meant to him and that he basically wanted a “forever” with me. The pug beside the necklace symbolizes an exact replica of the dog we want in the future, except of course living. As for the heart with his name on it, I picked it from the school wall when my high school placed hearts with people’s names on it all over campus. The gym pass is there since he introduced me to fitness and how important it is to exercise for a healthy life. Now, the movie ticket is just a stub from when we watched Minions. Lastly, there’s a key because as cliché as it is to say he does have the key to my heart. Possibly even the key to a future together.

To be honest, the experience of creating an art care package was a fun activity to do. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because you’re technically “mailing” people messages, whether it be through viral or physical mail means. Also, sending someone a certain thing means you’re thinking about them for at least a second meaning that they could likely be a person that is important in your life. Now, as for differences, ACP materials will be kept by the receiver for the time they want while Snapchat only allows viewers to see a certain message or picture for an allotted time. Additionally, pictures on Snapchat can just be taken to possibly not ruin a “streak” so there’s no meaning to the pictures as compared to the ACP that is meant to have meaning to each item. As for the time and effort difference between Snapchat and an ACP, I believe that there is a meaning behind it. Snapchats require less effort and time as compared to an ACP that may require a longer time to construct with more effort as well. Fast is better when a message needs to be immediately received, such as an urgent message. In contrast, slow is better when more effort and true meaning wants to be put into a certain piece. All in all, I think an ACP does contain a different type of “love” as compared to a Snapchat because you’re sending someone important to you something that may be kept forever in an ACP. A snapchat is just something compiled for a top ten second view, then it’s over. Although, one can screenshot to save a picture; however, that’s not the purpose of Snapchat. Snapchat is just a one and done deal while an ACP is a keep forever type of package.

Ephemera, in my opinion, is a precious topic since things that I keep tend to have meaning associated with it. Some things that may seem invaluable to others end up being valuable in another person’s eyes. To me, things do gain value over time; moreover, I tend to keep things that have a unique story behind them. As for a parking ticket or a bead bracelet from Coachella, I would only seem to keep it if something within resonates with me. Now, for art seen by many people compared to an ACP, I believe there’s no difference besides the meaning behind the art pieces themselves. Both are pieces of art that have a reason from the artist behind it. Even if an ACP may not be as artistic as an actual piece at the museum, there is still great thought put into an ACP. Lastly, I believe that one cannot prepare a meal with love as fast as food can be received through a McDonald’s drive-thru. When one prepares a meal with love, there is much thought and effort put into it while McDonald’s food is just mushed together quickly without great effort. It’s like thinking of preparing a meal for Channing Tatum where you want it to be perfect, so that he can like you. With McDonald’s, the food is definitely not made to perfection and isn’t carefully positioned onto a plate in a certain way. Think about it this way: your husband or wife comes home from a hard day at work, do you want to serve them a well-deserved, perfected meal made by a person that loves them or a manufactured, sloppy meal that was bought minutes ago. Basically, ACP’s are of great meaning since unique little pieces of yourself and the person you’re sending them to are put into memorabilia.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez

Artist: Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez
Exhibition: Lamps
Media: Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Website: No website; N/A.
Instagram: No instagram; N/A.

About the Artist

Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez is an Undergraduate student of CSULB; furthermore, she is now in her second year with one more year left. Specifically, she is pursing a degree in BFA with emphasis on wood. Ingrid was once a Business Communications major in her first year at a community college, but she ended up transferring to CSULB to earn her future degree within the art field. Besides wood-making, she is quite interested in Electronic music. In fact, Ingrid is taking a music theory class this semester. This interest within music was actually incorporated into her exhibition. Moreover, her overall goal was to make the lights pulsate along with the beats of the music. Even if this wasn’t completely seen in her exhibit, she plans to explore kinetics in this way with lamps and music tying in together for future works.

Formal Analysis

As soon as I walked in to the room, I noticed all the lights and the upbeat music playing in the background. Along the outer wall, there was a center lamp with a spindle surrounded by two spindles with no lamps. The spindles used for support were structurally spiral and tubular, which somewhat contrasted the circular structure of the lamp heads. The lamp “heads” were also laid out on the floor to give form to the whole exhibit, as well as give transparency due to the pastel-like colors of the spheres. Specifically, the spheres were made of epoxy resin and dye; moreover, the circular structure was ultimately shaped from balloons. Towards the left portion of the back room, three tubular spindles were placed along with various shaped and colored spheres. Compared to the actual pieces hung up on the wall, these spindles were more straight while the ones connected to the back wall were jagged-like. In the front of the room, a big lamp was placed along with a table that had spindles and a stereo on it. Ultimately, Ingrid aimed to have rhythm along with the pastel-like colored lamps to incorporate both her interests. However, time didn’t allow her to go forth with her idea. Even so, she still allowed her wood art to prevail within her exhibit to showcase consistent, tubed spindles along with epoxy-resin spheres of light pink, blue, and orange shades.

Content Analysis

Ingrid Gonzalez was inspired to work with lamps and wood due to pedestals, wiring, and production all tied in together. From her first year of college, she made a pedestal that she wanted to adjust with a tube penetrating through it along with light. This led her to the idea of wiring plus spindles with attachments of light. Her artwork encompasses around the idea of form and space; moreover, the form is within the spindles and spheres of epoxy-resin while the space is utilized through placement of lamps throughout the exhibit along the walls, floors, and even the table. The center piece lamp that was placed as soon as people walked in somewhat resembled Ingrid herself as she subconsciously didn’t even know where to start with her exhibit and wood work in general. With her interest in light illumination and musical beats, she was able to portray her own thoughts towards the audience. Even if the lights weren’t pulsating according to the beat in this exhibit, she thought about connecting music to her wood art. Moreover, Ingrid is attempting to explore the idea of kinetics where her lights on the lamps dance to the beats of her electronic music. Knowing that she knows how to make spindles and spheres, she wants to further explore into the depths of making her own music to control a possible future project of lights moving according to music.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, this exhibition made me appreciate how various shaped forms of art were able to form a single piece. With wood used for spindles, epoxy-resin for the formed spheres, and musical beats playing in the background, I learned the beauty of art within simplicity. Ingrid’s work, from a glance, seemed to be simpler with spindles and lights; however, it actually took much preparation within her winter intersession and the weeks leading to the opening of her exhibition. With the lights and spindles, I can relate it to my own life by viewing the light as a goal in my life that can be or has been achieved. Since Ingrid is working towards illuminating more lights, I view the empty spindles as spaces that are left for me to fill with new, achieved goals. In fact, she even viewed one of her lamps as herself  as a figure of a start to her process. Also, I would link the music to my life for the reason that upbeat music lights up my life when I’m literally feeling down. With her original idea of lights pulsating according to the beat, I would say that could relate to my life where I would illuminate myself once reaching a high point in life (or a beat in a song too). Ingrid Gonzalez definitely was able to put forth simplicity with space, form, and dissimilar objects placed together. From her artwork, one’s interests can truly be sparked just as her own interests of wood and music incorporated together to form the wonderful exhibit shown.




Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: Touch Color 
Media: Fiber Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: mimihaddon.com
Instagram: mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon graduated from CSULB in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design; moreover, she is now in her third year focusing on an MFA in Fiber Art. She takes quite great interest in contemporary art forms, specifically fiber art that deals with textiles and sculptures. Haddon’s artwork explores “fast-fashion and the art consumer society,” in which her purpose is for viewers to see how certain things that people may get rid of are actually items that can be brought back to life. Even though clothes may only be worn once or twice and thrown towards Goodwill, she decided to utilize the clothes in order to represent that native materials can form art once disassembled and gathered together. Besides Haddon’s focus on Fiber Art, she also specializes in costume design and photography. With costume design, she noticed that patterns were a great force of the field itself; however, fiber art allowed her to explore her own intuition about art that she has created.

Formal Analysis

For all of Mimi Haddon’s work, she used various colored T-shirts that were each structured differently. Each and every single one of her pieces stood out to the viewer’s eyes since the colors used on the T-shirts were quite vibrant. Starting with the piece on the wall, oval like-shaped forms were in a straight line with a mixture of dark and bright colors being portrayed. As for the piece that was linked to the ceiling, a line of unequally divided portions led to the floor where an array of T-shirts circled around the tethered line. Another one of her pieces was scrambled out on the floor, yet these parts seemed to be more brighter in color as compared to her other art pieces; moreover, there was only about two dark colors with the rest being bright yellow, orange, and pink. Lastly, Haddon had a corner piece that somewhat looked like an animal to me with a triangular shaped head and a dotted base. The head didn’t have much color, unlike the base that had dots with shades of blues, reds, and yellows plus the background colors that illuminated the piece even more. Overall, her fiber art focused on warm colors with mainly constant textures and different structures plus shapes associated with it.

Content Analysis

Mimi Haddon centered her artwork around indigenous cultures that weaved and created their structures with materials that didn’t necessarily have to come from “Earth’s roots.” As she stated, her work is all about organic forms and working with multiples while working based off her own feeling with nothing specifically planned out. With the piece on the floor, the idea she meant to portray was a map with different territories that are fluid with the ability to change. As for the piece on the wall that depicted balloons, she incorporated her photography skills from photos she took at Santa Monica Pier. With balloons, she wanted to get the message across of a deflated feeling that one may feel while also incorporating color theory associated with Josef Albers. Within the color theory, Haddon focuses on how colors bond and respond with one another. As seen through her work, colors can be seen underneath, side to side, or just scattered. Haddon’s artwork truly goes by the idea that material isn’t only meant to be seen on a person, but also in a space or a room as an art form.

Synthesis / My Experience

The exhibition of Touch Color changed how I look at materials that may seem like scrap to me, but are really not since amazing artwork has been created by simply fusing various parts of T-shirts together. What may seem to others as simple warm-colored shirts gathered together in lines and other shapes turns out to be art pieces that have significant meanings attached that allow viewers to portray the different pieces from an artist’s view. Without Mimi Haddon explaining her pieces, I looked at the balloons as simple ovals on a wall and the map on the floor as a rag or rug solely meant for the floor. However, this is because I look at things without really analyzing to fully figure out what is laid out in front of me. No doubt, Haddon’s work is definitely beautiful with all the multiples stitched together! I wouldn’t be able to do such work even if I tried my hardest, so I give my applause to Haddon’s pieces. After I figured out that the piece on the wall was of deflated balloons, I seemed to correlate it to my life knowing that there are times when I feel like I can’t get through school work. Therefore, I end up being popped like a balloon with nothing left to offer for my grades. As for the piece that connected to the ceiling, I seem to relate that with the fact that wider dreams are harder to reach while the smaller dreams are simple and at the bottom with easy access. The fabric at the top portion of the line was spread apart as opposed to the bottom portion that was collated together. Even if the upper part seems to be quite difficult at times to reach in reality, it’s indeed possible after getting through the tiny barriers. Dreams may seem impossible at a point, but then think again because look at Mimi Haddon and her artwork. Truly, I’ve been inspired by her vibrant pieces of art to incorporate meaning into simple things in life.


IMG_4015.jpg     IMG_4033.jpg

Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation- Lyle Adonis

Honestly, I can’t even believe that the third week of school has already come to an end. It’s been such a blast getting to meet and talk to new classmates each week, and I can’t wait to meet more friends in the weeks to come. As each and every week passes by, I get the opportunity to converse with individuals that have unique qualities going for themselves. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I’m completely left in awe each time my classmate of the week tells me about a life in their shoes. For this week, I decided to switch it up a bit and talk to the opposite gender. Not that it’s bad talking to a bunch of girls, but it’s also great to hear stories from guys too #girlpower.

Upon walking to the SOA galleries, I was anticipating to encounter an amazing individual cause ART 110 is full of blooming sunflowers that are waiting to be nurtured and talked to. That may sound kind of weird now that I said it, but I was definitely relating the people of our class to beautiful flowers. Anyways, I was walking around the galleries while looking at the astonishing pieces of art and low and behold I met Lyle Adonis. Truthfully though, I saw everyone around me looking for people to talk to for their classmate conversations, so I was on a hunt to find mine as swiftly as I could before I had no one to talk to. I began our conversation by politely asking him if he already had a partner for the classmate conversation, and he replied no thankfully. This led to many more questions and answers exchanged between us while strolling through the galleries.


Like every other individual I’ve talked to so far this semester, I’ve asked one uniting question above all: what is your major? In this case, Lyle is majoring in Biology hoping to become a physician assistant in the future. He’s already two years into his major, so he doesn’t want to back out now knowing that he’s already spent quite some time in the field of Biology. Little secret though is that Lyle did want to become a nurse before, but at least he’s still pursing an occupation within the same realm of his once dream occupation. He’s even taking an EMT class that he hopes to finish soon. I believe in you Lyle!

From time to time, we would look at the art pieces in each gallery giving us less time to talk. However, we ended up going back to our conversation with general facts about ourselves. Lyle commutes to Cal State Long Beach with his 4Runner since he doesn’t live that far. He also played tennis at Carson High, so there goes another similarity between us. While he primarily played doubles, I played a mixture of both singles and doubles as a high school student at Mayfair High School. Besides school, I now know that Lyle’s favorite food is Chipotle. However, I did give him a little sarcasm saying “really?” I didn’t mean it in a mean way though because I love Chipotle myself, but he did decide to give me his other favorite food answer, which would be sushi. All in all, it was great meeting Lyle this week since we related on quite a few levels.

Here’s Lyle’s blog address: https://lylesbakery.wordpress.com