Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Cattleya Reyes & Alexandria Sandoval

Ringing in the second week of school, I was already expecting to make a new friend in our ART 110 class since we had our classmate conversations as one of our assignments. It’s honestly the part that I look forward to in class because it’s always great to meet new people and be able to talk about things that aren’t only related to school. Somewhat, it’s like a relaxation pool for me where I get to release my thoughts and facts about myself that others may not know yet. Anyways, this week’s classmate conversation was a relatable one to myself within school and outside as well.

As soon as we were instructed to meet other people for our assignment, everyone was frantically pacing the room to get to the other side in order to meet someone new. On the other hand, I was in a “chill” mode where I decided to just wait for everyone to pass by and then hopefully find a classmate to talk to. Walking towards the other side of the room, I honestly couldn’t find anyone who didn’t have a partner yet. I got lucky and asked this girl if she had someone for her classmate conversation, and thankfully she said no. Not that I didn’t want her to meet our other classmates, just the fact that I of course wanted to have a conversation with someone. This girl mentioned is Cattleya Reyes, and she sure is a friendly individual. We began our conversation by asking each other where we thought we would be five years from now. Cattleya believes that she will still be at CSULB since she is planning to attend nursing school here. Random fact, we both are in pre-nursing, which is pretty great! The only difference here is that she’s a first year, and I’m a second; however, we’re both taking anatomy class in the morning this spring semester.

While Cattleya and I were discussing our similarities within our future occupations, another individual kindly came up and asked if she could join our conversation. This is when I met Alexandria Sandoval, otherwise known as Alex. Even if I didn’t quite get to ask her where she’ll be in five years, I’m sure she’ll be doing great on her journey as a future physical therapist. That being said, she is actually now majoring in Kinesiology with a focus on exercise science. I love meeting people who are all about the medical field because it makes me happy to know that there are many people out there that want to take care of others for a living. On the school related subject, we went back to the subject of anatomy class where we ended up finding out that Alex is actually taking it this semester as well. All of us endlessly talked about the hardships we’re going through for the class itself, and how much work we’re basically dying under right now. We’re still smiling in our picture, but we’re being brought down by anatomy secretly in the inside.


Besides school, we all related to each other on one level when it came to a specific TV series: Grey’s Anatomy. Cattleya even told us that this show inspired her to become a part of the medical field. The cast of the show does such an amazing job portraying the realities of being surgeons and the difficulties associated with the occupation itself. On the side note, I know that mostly everyone that embarks on this 13 season show feels as if they could be a surgeon themselves after watching the cast do surgeries end on end. I remember seeing a video on Facebook showing individuals acting like they’re doing surgeries themselves and quoting Grey’s Anatomy on it. Back to our talk, we all agreed that we cried MANY times throughout the series and that the cast members that died should come back. Class sadly ended at this point of our talk, but I hope that all of us can endure anatomy class and achieve our future dreams of being in the medical field together. Nice meeting you guys, Cattleya & Alex! 🙂

Link to both their blogs are right below:

Cattleya’s blog: https://catttreyes.wordpress.com

Alexandria’s blog: https://simplyyalexx.wordpress.com



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