Wk 2- Art Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

Cliché as it is to say: positivity is key. This phrase is what gets me running throughout the day because I never really like to think about negative things. When I heard that we had to do a project on our own death, it frightened me somewhat since I never really pictured how I’ll be departing life. Given this activity, I now gave great thought on how my death would come upon me. Besides school and the workload that it bears, I always find a way to get myself coffee or boba at least three or four times a week to get rid of my stress. I definitely know that it’s a bad habit to drink a bunch of sugary drinks; however, it’s my way of enjoying what I’m doing at the moment since I have a drink to get me through it.


The basis of my idea came from the fact that my sister and I go to a plethora of boba places, whether it be closer to our house in Cerritos or places that are far like Rowland Heights. It’s the thought that we like trying new food and drink places, so we expand our knowledge on it by going to various places like food bloggers do. By drinking boba, it somewhat brings me to my happy place; moreover, I know that I will be going to my happy place when I die. I’m quite a religious person, who goes to church every Sunday, so it goes to say that I believe that heaven is where I’ll be continuing my life after death. Anyways, my idea of my death is brought upon by my daily life habits.


As for the creation of the pictures itself, it was all about placement for me. I decided to place different bottles from various boba places around me. It was easy to gather all the boba bottles because I had a bunch lying around the house since my sister and I collect them. After gathering the bottles, I laid down on the floor and had my sister place the bottles around me before she began to take pictures from different angles. Once on the ground, it felt kind of awkward cause I was just laying there for a while; however, it made me encompass how death really is. Just lying there on the floor, still and lifeless.


Overall, my experience with this activity was a true eye opener because it gave me a chance to think about how I would end up dying. In this case, death by sugary drinks (specifically boba and Starbucks). The thought process was more of the challenging and time consuming part as compared to the actual picture taking. Moreover, I would gladly take more of these pictures with different ideas when time permits. On another note, random fun fact is that I work at a cafe that sells boba drinks, as well! So to my viewers out there, you’re welcome to stop by and say hi 🙂



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