Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation- Lyle Adonis

Honestly, I can’t even believe that the third week of school has already come to an end. It’s been such a blast getting to meet and talk to new classmates each week, and I can’t wait to meet more friends in the weeks to come. As each and every week passes by, I get the opportunity to converse with individuals that have unique qualities going for themselves. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I’m completely left in awe each time my classmate of the week tells me about a life in their shoes. For this week, I decided to switch it up a bit and talk to the opposite gender. Not that it’s bad talking to a bunch of girls, but it’s also great to hear stories from guys too #girlpower.

Upon walking to the SOA galleries, I was anticipating to encounter an amazing individual cause ART 110 is full of blooming sunflowers that are waiting to be nurtured and talked to. That may sound kind of weird now that I said it, but I was definitely relating the people of our class to beautiful flowers. Anyways, I was walking around the galleries while looking at the astonishing pieces of art and low and behold I met Lyle Adonis. Truthfully though, I saw everyone around me looking for people to talk to for their classmate conversations, so I was on a hunt to find mine as swiftly as I could before I had no one to talk to. I began our conversation by politely asking him if he already had a partner for the classmate conversation, and he replied no thankfully. This led to many more questions and answers exchanged between us while strolling through the galleries.


Like every other individual I’ve talked to so far this semester, I’ve asked one uniting question above all: what is your major? In this case, Lyle is majoring in Biology hoping to become a physician assistant in the future. He’s already two years into his major, so he doesn’t want to back out now knowing that he’s already spent quite some time in the field of Biology. Little secret though is that Lyle did want to become a nurse before, but at least he’s still pursing an occupation within the same realm of his once dream occupation. He’s even taking an EMT class that he hopes to finish soon. I believe in you Lyle!

From time to time, we would look at the art pieces in each gallery giving us less time to talk. However, we ended up going back to our conversation with general facts about ourselves. Lyle commutes to Cal State Long Beach with his 4Runner since he doesn’t live that far. He also played tennis at Carson High, so there goes another similarity between us. While he primarily played doubles, I played a mixture of both singles and doubles as a high school student at Mayfair High School. Besides school, I now know that Lyle’s favorite food is Chipotle. However, I did give him a little sarcasm saying “really?” I didn’t mean it in a mean way though because I love Chipotle myself, but he did decide to give me his other favorite food answer, which would be sushi. All in all, it was great meeting Lyle this week since we related on quite a few levels.

Here’s Lyle’s blog address: https://lylesbakery.wordpress.com




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