Wk 4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package (ACP)


When I think of sending packages, I always picture sending things that are of valuable worth to people that mean the world to me. In this case, my art care package is meant for my high school sweetheart: Andrew Abellanosa. As I was creating this package, I was picturing all the moments we had together. The fun, the not so fun. I would say the hills in our relationship led to more sunshines at the end of the road. Through everything that has happened, he was and still is the type of guy that is humorous, handsome, intelligent, and many other positive attributes. Truly, I could go on and on about this guy; however, the blog is about the art care package itself (so let’s not do that).

The assemblage of this art care package is somewhat scrambled, which represents our relationship. However, the things within it hold great memories and unforgettable days or nights filled with laughter. The nerf gun was an impulse buy from his part because we both saw this tweet about a couple living together, and they were all about fun. He wanted to imitate fun in that sense and buy us both nerf guns, so that we could battle each other in the house and backyard just for the fun of it. Moving down, I placed my hospital band from when I had a lab-related injury. He ended up running to the hospital as soon as I got there even if it wasn’t that big of a scar, which showed that he really cared :). Below that are polaroid pictures, the colored one being our first polaroid with my dog while the white one was at one of my family parties. Basically, it symbolizes that he’s a part of my family, and I’m really glad to capture those moments. Oh, and we also bought the polaroid camera together, if that matters! The “postcard” in the middle was an invitation to our high school prom, which was one of our best nights together. He’s so sweet cause he asked me to slow dance with him to a song, like a typical Disney Princess moment. The ticket above that is from a Lakers basketball game that he invited me to, which was really fun being able to see the players up close and personal. As for the infinity necklace, Andrew gave it to me as a birthday present to show how much I meant to him and that he basically wanted a “forever” with me. The pug beside the necklace symbolizes an exact replica of the dog we want in the future, except of course living. As for the heart with his name on it, I picked it from the school wall when my high school placed hearts with people’s names on it all over campus. The gym pass is there since he introduced me to fitness and how important it is to exercise for a healthy life. Now, the movie ticket is just a stub from when we watched Minions. Lastly, there’s a key because as cliché as it is to say he does have the key to my heart. Possibly even the key to a future together.

To be honest, the experience of creating an art care package was a fun activity to do. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because you’re technically “mailing” people messages, whether it be through viral or physical mail means. Also, sending someone a certain thing means you’re thinking about them for at least a second meaning that they could likely be a person that is important in your life. Now, as for differences, ACP materials will be kept by the receiver for the time they want while Snapchat only allows viewers to see a certain message or picture for an allotted time. Additionally, pictures on Snapchat can just be taken to possibly not ruin a “streak” so there’s no meaning to the pictures as compared to the ACP that is meant to have meaning to each item. As for the time and effort difference between Snapchat and an ACP, I believe that there is a meaning behind it. Snapchats require less effort and time as compared to an ACP that may require a longer time to construct with more effort as well. Fast is better when a message needs to be immediately received, such as an urgent message. In contrast, slow is better when more effort and true meaning wants to be put into a certain piece. All in all, I think an ACP does contain a different type of “love” as compared to a Snapchat because you’re sending someone important to you something that may be kept forever in an ACP. A snapchat is just something compiled for a top ten second view, then it’s over. Although, one can screenshot to save a picture; however, that’s not the purpose of Snapchat. Snapchat is just a one and done deal while an ACP is a keep forever type of package.

Ephemera, in my opinion, is a precious topic since things that I keep tend to have meaning associated with it. Some things that may seem invaluable to others end up being valuable in another person’s eyes. To me, things do gain value over time; moreover, I tend to keep things that have a unique story behind them. As for a parking ticket or a bead bracelet from Coachella, I would only seem to keep it if something within resonates with me. Now, for art seen by many people compared to an ACP, I believe there’s no difference besides the meaning behind the art pieces themselves. Both are pieces of art that have a reason from the artist behind it. Even if an ACP may not be as artistic as an actual piece at the museum, there is still great thought put into an ACP. Lastly, I believe that one cannot prepare a meal with love as fast as food can be received through a McDonald’s drive-thru. When one prepares a meal with love, there is much thought and effort put into it while McDonald’s food is just mushed together quickly without great effort. It’s like thinking of preparing a meal for Channing Tatum where you want it to be perfect, so that he can like you. With McDonald’s, the food is definitely not made to perfection and isn’t carefully positioned onto a plate in a certain way. Think about it this way: your husband or wife comes home from a hard day at work, do you want to serve them a well-deserved, perfected meal made by a person that loves them or a manufactured, sloppy meal that was bought minutes ago. Basically, ACP’s are of great meaning since unique little pieces of yourself and the person you’re sending them to are put into memorabilia.

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