Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez

Artist: Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez
Exhibition: Lamps
Media: Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Website: No website; N/A.
Instagram: No instagram; N/A.

About the Artist

Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez is an Undergraduate student of CSULB; furthermore, she is now in her second year with one more year left. Specifically, she is pursing a degree in BFA with emphasis on wood. Ingrid was once a Business Communications major in her first year at a community college, but she ended up transferring to CSULB to earn her future degree within the art field. Besides wood-making, she is quite interested in Electronic music. In fact, Ingrid is taking a music theory class this semester. This interest within music was actually incorporated into her exhibition. Moreover, her overall goal was to make the lights pulsate along with the beats of the music. Even if this wasn’t completely seen in her exhibit, she plans to explore kinetics in this way with lamps and music tying in together for future works.

Formal Analysis

As soon as I walked in to the room, I noticed all the lights and the upbeat music playing in the background. Along the outer wall, there was a center lamp with a spindle surrounded by two spindles with no lamps. The spindles used for support were structurally spiral and tubular, which somewhat contrasted the circular structure of the lamp heads. The lamp “heads” were also laid out on the floor to give form to the whole exhibit, as well as give transparency due to the pastel-like colors of the spheres. Specifically, the spheres were made of epoxy resin and dye; moreover, the circular structure was ultimately shaped from balloons. Towards the left portion of the back room, three tubular spindles were placed along with various shaped and colored spheres. Compared to the actual pieces hung up on the wall, these spindles were more straight while the ones connected to the back wall were jagged-like. In the front of the room, a big lamp was placed along with a table that had spindles and a stereo on it. Ultimately, Ingrid aimed to have rhythm along with the pastel-like colored lamps to incorporate both her interests. However, time didn’t allow her to go forth with her idea. Even so, she still allowed her wood art to prevail within her exhibit to showcase consistent, tubed spindles along with epoxy-resin spheres of light pink, blue, and orange shades.

Content Analysis

Ingrid Gonzalez was inspired to work with lamps and wood due to pedestals, wiring, and production all tied in together. From her first year of college, she made a pedestal that she wanted to adjust with a tube penetrating through it along with light. This led her to the idea of wiring plus spindles with attachments of light. Her artwork encompasses around the idea of form and space; moreover, the form is within the spindles and spheres of epoxy-resin while the space is utilized through placement of lamps throughout the exhibit along the walls, floors, and even the table. The center piece lamp that was placed as soon as people walked in somewhat resembled Ingrid herself as she subconsciously didn’t even know where to start with her exhibit and wood work in general. With her interest in light illumination and musical beats, she was able to portray her own thoughts towards the audience. Even if the lights weren’t pulsating according to the beat in this exhibit, she thought about connecting music to her wood art. Moreover, Ingrid is attempting to explore the idea of kinetics where her lights on the lamps dance to the beats of her electronic music. Knowing that she knows how to make spindles and spheres, she wants to further explore into the depths of making her own music to control a possible future project of lights moving according to music.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, this exhibition made me appreciate how various shaped forms of art were able to form a single piece. With wood used for spindles, epoxy-resin for the formed spheres, and musical beats playing in the background, I learned the beauty of art within simplicity. Ingrid’s work, from a glance, seemed to be simpler with spindles and lights; however, it actually took much preparation within her winter intersession and the weeks leading to the opening of her exhibition. With the lights and spindles, I can relate it to my own life by viewing the light as a goal in my life that can be or has been achieved. Since Ingrid is working towards illuminating more lights, I view the empty spindles as spaces that are left for me to fill with new, achieved goals. In fact, she even viewed one of her lamps as herself  as a figure of a start to her process. Also, I would link the music to my life for the reason that upbeat music lights up my life when I’m literally feeling down. With her original idea of lights pulsating according to the beat, I would say that could relate to my life where I would illuminate myself once reaching a high point in life (or a beat in a song too). Ingrid Gonzalez definitely was able to put forth simplicity with space, form, and dissimilar objects placed together. From her artwork, one’s interests can truly be sparked just as her own interests of wood and music incorporated together to form the wonderful exhibit shown.




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