Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

For the art activity this week of automatic drawing, I decided to share this experience with my mother. She actually just came back from a vacation in the Philippines, so I really missed spending time with her. Furthermore, this activity gave me time to bond with her through art itself. As you can see from the two pictures below, she made me laugh a lot; however, it was time to get serious after a while. Just as Glenn said himself, the oil pastels guided itself through time as we drew through random motions. Honestly, I could say that I didn’t even feel myself moving my hands since the motion of our hands was quite smooth.



As for the results of our automatic drawing, it honestly didn’t turn out as wonderful as I expected. Looking at the blog of past examples, they all looked like they were beautifully done. However, ours turned out to be like a child’s drawing with random circles and spirals. I guess I can relate it to my relationship with my mother: I make her head spin in circles when I give her headaches, yet the constant lines show how much she loves me and bears with my weird attitude and mood swings at times. Sorry mom! Overall, this art activity was one of my favorites since it allowed my mother and I to experience art in a simple way.


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