Wk 5 – EC – LA Art Book Fair


On Saturday morning, I woke up really early at around six in the morning since I had a nursing test to take at CSULA. It was pretty nerve-wracking, but I mean it was over within four, long hours. Once the test was done, my family picked me up and surprised me with tacos. I was literally jumping for joy when I got those because I was starving ever since the beginning of the test. Anyways, tacos done and set aside, we headed towards the Geffen Contemporary for the LA Art Book Fair.


To be honest, there was so much going on that I got a little overwhelmed. However, every corner I looked to had something special within their art portrayals. It was all fascinating to look at, and I honestly admired art from all the categories ranging from photography to magazines and even more. However, I really liked the pieces within the front building. Specifically, I loved the case full of items that related back to cultural aspects. Oh, and here’s a picture of me in front of the exhibit that was full of great-cultured paintings and objects.



Also, I found this poster with numbers, which I found to be so random. However, I pondered about the real meaning, so I read the little box on the side stating that it related back to the electoral votes within the election that Hillary Clinton was a part of. As for the piece below that, it was intriguing to see clocks that were centered on plates that were meant for food. Of course this caught my eye because I just love food so much! Haha. The last picture just shows linear lines of cool colors that looked beautiful in my eyes. Overall, the LA Art Book Fair was a fun opportunity to experience even though it was crowded. Moreover, I got to see true art in various forms.





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