Wk 6 – Art Activity – Zines & Flip Books

With all of the art activities in this course, my mind wanders around to different thoughts about what specific subject or topic I want to focus on for a certain piece. It takes me quite a long time to process my ideas, and I always attempt to aim for perfection even if I know that it isn’t possible. I guess I just like the feeling of accomplishing a piece and actually being proud of it. I’m sure all artists and want-to-be artists (like me) yearn for this feeling. I mean not many people, or if any, would want to produce something without wishing for it to come out in the best form. The main point of this whole blabber is that I literally spent hours thinking of what I wanted to do, as well as doing the actual project that I soon realized that I should just let myself free to wonder and not think too much.


Anyways, I honestly had a hard time trying to pick between a zine or a flip book. Even more, I had a more difficult time choosing what to depict in my drawings. The only thing that I really like portraying in images is love and relationships as a whole. With this, I drew exactly what came to mind. I decided on putting simple phrases with deep meanings. In a way, my zine is encompassed around a basic five body paragraph where there’s an introduction, body, and conclusion. For my intro, the first two pages showed two stick figures meeting each other and asking to be friends. The body paragraphs were based off the guy asking the girl to be his girlfriend and wife with the statement of “I love you” at their wedding. Lastly, the conclusion of my zine was the death of the girl’s husband with the saying of “I miss you.” From the beginning to the end, there was a shift from questions to statements alone that secured their relationship together. Basically, it was a story of a typical couple where life can begin at a relationship and end with death.



Overall, my experience with my zine was quite troublesome; however, I was able to push my thoughts out of my mind onto paper into a art piece that I truly appreciate. I gained knowledge about how difficult it can be for an artist to establish their motif and what they want to create for a certain audience. What may seem easy to the audience may not really be easy to the creators themselves. Also, I was able to look at love from a simple angle with just questions and general statements. As for what I would like to try next time, flip books would be an option that I would like to explore. Originally, I wanted to do a flip book, yet it seemed like it would be time-consuming. Also, I figured mine wouldn’t come out looking like a flip book since I’m not an artistic individual (as seen with my stick figures). Zines and flip books truly get an individual to think about various things, whether it be about love or random other things. However, it’s a great experience to draw and share one’s thoughts and feelings with others.


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