Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Priscilla Mota-Gaona

Classmate conversations are honestly one of the activities that I look forward to because I get the opportunity to meet such amazing individuals. Each and every person I meet has their own unique story or interesting facts about himself or herself that it gets me so intrigued to learn about other’s stories. Meeting all these people makes me ponder on what it’s like to be in their shoes, whether it be through glistening or troublesome memories. I’m sure that no matter what, my classmates or now friends, live a life that’s worth living even if there may be some bumps in the road. Anyways, before I get too sentimental and all in my feelings about life, let me talk about my amiable friend that I met this week.

Flashing back to the first week in art, one of our first duties was to do plaster casting at the beach. Let me say, this was one of my favorite art activity assignments; moreover, I actually met Priscilla for this assignment at the beach for the first time. We were actually both quite confused about what to do that we confided in each other for help. It’s funny cause we were both accepting the fact that our plaster casts would probably come out looking like trash, but thankfully ours didn’t turn out that way. Moreover, we both found it quite difficult even if it was a fun activity to do. That day quickly passed, and we didn’t really get to talk much besides asking each other basic help questions about the project itself. Sad, but I knew that I would see her in class to be able to talk to her more.

Now, fast forward to week seven, I met Priscilla Mota-Gaona in a better sense. Walking around and looking at the artworks in the SOA galleries, I saw Priscilla looking at art and decided to ask her if she had someone to talk to for the week. Well, gladly, she said she didn’t; otherwise, I wouldn’t even be writing this post about her. As for amazing facts about her, I learned that she’s also majoring in Nursing similar to me. However, she’s ending her third year. For nursing, we have to finish our pre requisites in two years; moreover, Priscilla has finished hers and is actually just taking classes that will count for her transfer to Azusa Pacific University. Specifically, she is taking literature, philosophy, and this art class that we are both enrolled in (YAY!). Even though Priscilla didn’t get into the nursing program at CSULB, I’m sure she’ll have a bright future where she’ll be a future pediatric oncology nurse.


Nursing and the health field in general is a vast field that many people want to pursue, so we both questioned each other why we wanted to have an occupation in this specific field. For those that don’t know, oncology nurses deal with people who have cancer. Given that, Priscilla shared with me that she once had cancer when she was seventeen. Thankfully though, she is a cancer survivor!! At this point, I really admired her for standing up against  cancer and being able to fight for her life. She further began to explain that all her nurses took such great care of her at the hospital that she too wanted to return the favor to those around her by taking care of people that are going through what she once went through. Before, Priscilla actually wanted to be a teacher, but the nurses around her cared for her in a family-like way that she knew that she wanted to be just like them.


“Whatever it takes, wherever it be.” This is what Priscilla said when I asked her if she had to move for her occupation, would she end up doing it? Or would she just move in general, basically. This statement alone made me realize how much Priscilla would do just to pursue her dreams. After this, we began talking about basic facts about us, like family. She told me that she has a sister that also wants to pursue a job in the health field. Specifically, her sister wants to be an occupational therapist. When Priscilla was going through therapy, her sister was really patient and saw the job of an occupational therapist. From then on, she wanted to pursue this certain occupation. The sisters actually want to work together, in which they would make a braiding book for the people they take care of. The braids would be ones that weren’t known to Priscilla’s sister, so that she would be going through obstacles just as the patient is. Random insert, Priscilla has a chihuahua. Oh, and we both have baby fever where we just want to kidnap random babies at stores because they’re all so cute!! Getting to know Priscilla more this week was a pleasure, and I can’t wait to talk to her even more and meet more people like her.

Here’s Priscilla’s blog: https://priscilla626.wordpress.com

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