Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Juliana Bustillo & Tidawhitney Lek

Artist: Juliana Bustillo & Tidawhitney Lek
Exhibition: Doodles in Space
Media: Drawing and Painting (Roofing, Dry wall, Toilet, and Butcher paper)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn-Werby Gallery
Website: No website; N/A.
Instagram: Juliana: @juliaanaaaab & Tidawhitney: @tidawhitney

About the Artist

Both Juliana and Tidawhitney are Undergraduate students of CSULB; moreover, they are both finishing their last semester at The Beach. They are pursuing degrees in BFA with emphasis on Drawing and Painting. After they both graduate, they plan to continue their education for their Master’s Degree at schools on the East Coast. Combined, their work explores simplicity in doodles. Both artists wanted to expand upon the usual colorful artwork that they usually do in pieces and intended to twist their art up a bit to explore bland tones of black and white.

Juliana Bustillo was a young, blooming child artist born in Texas, but raised in LA. Growing up, she took great interest in drawing that even her teachers encouraged her to perform her ability to the fullest. Furthermore, her teachers entered her in art contests that allowed her to show the artistic side that was within her heart. From those contests, Juliana won various awards as an astounding artist. As a child, she didn’t assume that art was her calling; however, she knew once she went to CSULB that she wanted to pursue a degree in art itself since she fell in love with it further.

Tidawhitney Lek was both born and raised in Long Beach. When she was a child, she first explored art in its realm of drawing. The reason being is that her parents couldn’t afford paint for her to do painting; moreover, she simply used water alone to attempt at getting the feel of painting pieces. As high school approached, she began to do oil paintings that allowed her to realize her full on love for art. Choosing an art degree was all about picking a choice that made her happy, and she knew that art was the key. When she first came to CSULB, she chose to focus on basic techniques to later expand and progress on her works as time passed on.

Formal Analysis

Just as their exhibition name states, the whole gallery itself was centered around simple doodles of neutral colors. The media they used was four types of paper: roofing, dry wall, toilet, and butcher paper. Even if they used various types of papers, there whole point was to combine the pieces and make their exhibit look natural and simple to the eye. As a whole, the black and white colors complimented each other while incorporating different types of geometric shapes and lines. It kind of felt like there was a scattered feel to some areas, especially the last picture of this blog with all the papers bunched up together in the corner. In a way, the papers traveled differently and moved in random directions. Honestly, I would say that there was a good mix of straight, spiraled, and jagged directions spread out through the exhibit.

Content Analysis

Juliana and Tidawhitney aimed for their “Doodles in Space” exhibit to depart from their normal work, which tends to be more on the colorful and loud side. For this piece, they decided to experiment with black and white colors to tone down their art for simplicity in a dimensional space. From their mind and heart, they chose to show their intimacy with drawing from a different angle that hasn’t been seen before from them as artists. Moreover, Juliana and Tidawhitney wanted their piece to travel in different directions as seen with the varying views. Looking at every corner, there are different structures and shapes presented in each area that goes forth towards their idea of random motions and shapes.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, I felt like this exhibit showed a lot even if their media was just plain papers and simple shapes. Moreover, I felt like it connected to the people looking at the exhibit itself with all that was going on with every turn of the head. Both artists’ idea of being simple and toning down hits the spot when I attempt to do my art. Of course, at times, I will want to overdo things just to make it look pretty; however, this exhibit made me realize that beautiful art can be simple with laying things out in certain directions. Relating to my life, I feel like there are times when I want to move in various directions. Now, that I’ve looked at this exhibit, I believe that it doesn’t really matter if I move towards a straight or crumpled up decision. Furthermore, the direction will just guide me as the papers lead each other in this exhibit to the right way. Things may seem scattered and out of place, but I will always know that mostly everything will all work out in the end.






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