Wk 8 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

Anything with painting is an activity that I love. It’s not only painting alone, but it’s finger painting where one can get their hands dirty! I’m honestly all about art that lets an individual explore the depths of the paper through just letting fingers alone guide the whole process. When I first thought about this activity, I initially thought that my painting wouldn’t come out looking as nice as it did. Thankfully, I actually appreciated the outcome of my painting, and even might keep it to hang in my room.


When I first started to finger paint, I was dipping my fingers into the various shades of colors not realizing until later that I should’ve put all the colors on a plate for easy access and mixture. This first part was when the paint wasn’t really showing up as much on the paper, so I figured I had to get more paint onto my hand for a better outcome. Once I placed the paint on a plate, I was able to get more darker shades of the colors that I picked. The colors being: red, magenta, blue, turquoise, and violet. I picked more of the cool colors besides the warm, red color. Honestly, I picked the cool colors because I love more vibrant pieces that pop out to the viewers.



Easy or hard? I would say this week’s art activity was the best one yet and quite easy. It was more of just feeling oneself do the art, and letting oneself free. Plus, I had my dog and outdoor nature as a peaceful addition and inspiration. At first, I felt like I was dragging my finger in circular or spiral motions then it changed to an area within a square type of painting for me. As you can see from the plate, I’m more of the spiral-shaped painting type of girl. Here and there, I just let the tip of my fingers touch the corners or either my whole finger slipped across the paper. The outcome lead to a messy looking painting; however, it still looks as if there is meaning to the painting with all the colors thrown onto the paper.


With no subject, I felt like the experience was more free and to the heart for me. I was able to close my eyes at times and just let my fingers do the work. In a way, this activity reminds me of the automatic drawing activity where we let ourselves feel the painting within us. It was not confusing or frustrating at all because I didn’t have any guidelines to run off of, so I let my mind explore. Moreover, it was liberating and inspiring because I didn’t know that I would be able to produce a beautiful piece that was created from simplicity.


As compared to other paintings I have seen, this painting is more messy and somewhat done with not as much thought to it. However, even if it may seem messy, I feel like I could tell a story through my own painting. I guess my story would be: there’s thin lines behind or hidden in an individual, but there’s also thick lines or personality traits that pop out to others. Moreover, there’s that unique side to everyone, in which everyone can be different shades, shapes, and such. No matter what, it all comes out to beauty. When my sister looked at my painting, she immediately said that it looked like a painting she saw at the museum. This honestly made me so happy that such a simple piece can actually stand out there. Furthermore, she told me that abstract paintings are all about randomness and interpretation in many ways. Overall, this finger painting activity is one that I would honestly do again when I need a stress reliever.

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