Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Josh Ocular

I love when I meet new people that share such similar values and ideals with me. For me, the deal breaker when I make new friends is that they should not only be amiable to the people around them, but also understand what makes a person unique to the point where appreciation is present. Anyways, for this week, I had the pleasure to meet an awesome individual named Josh Ocular. With the group of gals that I hang around with in art, I’ve seen his face a couple of times; however, I didn’t really get the chance to introduce myself and talk to him about life. Given this classmate conversation, I was able to grasp the opportunity and put myself out there to have a chat with Josh.

Honestly, we both didn’t really know what to talk about at first. However, I knew that Josh himself seemed to be the type that was not afraid to talk at all, which later lead to him leading the conversation with all our topics. Let’s start with the basics: Josh likes the color green, more on the olive green if possible. He also had two cats, whom are named Pepper and Angus, which I found quite hilarious. Moreover, he told me that it was supposed to be a correlation between meat and food. Two things that I completely love! It’s funny because I literally looked at him in confusion when he stated his cats’ names and then he quickly told me that his sister was the one who named them, so he didn’t really attribute his own ideas into his cats’ names.


Relating to the idea of school, Josh is a second year student who is undeclared; however, he is thinking of specializing in Medical Sociology. He wanted to become a nurse before, and he possibly still wants to. I applaud him though because we both want to pursue careers in the medical field, and I love people that are interested in the health of others! Back at Carson High, Josh played tennis as a doubles player. I also played tennis, but I didn’t have a funny story to share as he did. He was telling me how one time he had a partner who was a really bad player. One time during a game, Josh got hit on the head with a tennis ball from his partner’s serve. Let’s just say, the other team started to laugh and it was embarrassing for him. Sorry Josh 😦


Now for random facts about Josh. He believes in ghosts, and I somewhat do in a way, if that matters. He also used to work at Cinnabon, which sounds pretty delicious right now. However, he quit because his manager was rude to the bone. Josh did like the perks of the job though where he had the chance to eat whatever he wanted, and also get freebies from Auntie Anne’s since their companies merged when he worked at Cinnabon. Oh, if that was me, I’d be living the life and drowning in food. To leave off, I’ll leave you all with the fact that he can sing and dance, but ONLY when he’s drunk. So everyone, if you want some entertainment, get Josh Ocular drunk!


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