Wk 9 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing

Yet again, another activity that sparked my interest as soon as I saw the title and what it was all about. Honestly, I was excited because I had another opportunity to go to one of my favorite places being the beach. However, sadly, I didn’t end up going to Venice beach since plans got cancelled. I was so sad.. Anyways, life goes on, and I still had a blast doing my art activity even if it wasn’t the scenery I wanted.

Saturday night, I decided to do my graffiti writing in my backyard right after I got home from work. I would say it was around eleven at night, but I had a feeling in me that pushed me towards doing my activity even it was as cold as ice outside! Given that I only had a small backdrop to do my piece on, I had to shorten my name completely. I initially wanted to go with writing Ashley, which is part of my first name being Bernadette Ashley. However, I began with writing the A and noticed how little space I had. This led me to writing a shortened version/nickname of my name: Ash. If I did have more space, I would have completely written my whole name out because I really liked how the paint spray flowed so smoothly. I wanted to write more and design more, but I didn’t have much of a choice sadly. On the upper portion of my piece, I aimed to draw a heart. It somewhat looks like one, but it doesn’t at the same time. It’s all about the effort though for me, so I tried with that one. Please give me mercy though, this was my first time ever really using spray paint, so I would say I did a great job!


To be honest though, I am quite satisfied with the outcome of my activity. Looking at it, I am drawn in with the contrast and correlation of the colors I used. Moreover, I used light blue and pink because I love the colors alone. The mixture together reminds me of cotton candy, as well as good vibes with pastel like colors. With my life, I’m all about positivity and I guess that’s why I chose to focus on the bright colors to paint the brightness in my life. Next time though, I’m hoping to do a piece with spray paint on a bigger and better mural for a more detailed depiction of whatever I plan to do. Overall, this graffiti writing activity was one for the books, and I sure loved spending my night on it.



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