Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printmaking, Ink, Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Website: No website; N/A
Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is an Undergraduate Senior student of CSULB. Moreover, he is undergoing a degree of BFA in Printmaking. He began pursing his dreams with art about nine years ago; however, he did have some knowledge or past drawings of motorcycles before actually doing pieces similar to the ones in his gallery. David actually wanted to be a mechanic before, but his heart guided him towards graphic art. Besides art, David lives an interesting life where he loves music and actually attends music festivals. Also, he likes to snowboard and skateboard as much as he can. On the side note, he appreciates tattoos too.  To encompass David’s art altogether, his pieces combine fluid art and abstract expressionism where one can tell what is on the outer surface with abstract art within the piece.

Formal Analysis

Walking into the Merlino Gallery, I was immediately intrigued since the artwork closely reminded me of the finger painting activity that we did the past week. Being my favorite activity, I loved how the pieces in the gallery allowed for randomness. It was all about spontaneity with relation to drip, splatter, and flow. For the samurai mask piece, it focused on the color of red with darks and brighter shades of it. Moreover, there were straight lines that formed the shape of the mask to allow the viewer to interpret the piece as what it’s meant to be. For the two mirror pieces, there are spiraled lines that overlapped each other to show connection with flow. The colors itself are mixed between black and white versus the tricolored piece that has green, purple, and red. Honestly, these were the pieces that reminded me of the finger painting activity since simplicity stood out within it, as well as the randomness. As for the third piece, the outer portion of lines that are straight and jagged led me to think of the ocean and waves itself. The blue background made the center black and white piece stand out. Just like the background, the inner portion incorporated the same nature with lines. With regards to the last picture, there was more of a focus on an animal with various shapes and lines formed.

Content Analysis

All of his pieces of focus on abstract art; moreover, David created his pieces with inspiration from music itself. He was attempting to go deep within what pulled him towards the art field, which was more on abstract expressionism over simple, crisp images that other artists normally are known for. David aimed for creativity straight from his mind, which can be drawn back to his love for music. With his pieces, all were created based off rhythms and beats of various songs or just a specific song. He aimed to bring the music into his pieces to show what the music expresses onto paper itself. Moreover, he listened to songs that were of the genre of Dubstep. David didn’t really think about the process and the picture or image he wanted to produce, but he focused more on the music and randomness where there’s no certain limitations. It was all up to how the music wanted to guide him and what feelings he received from the music itself.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, David’s pieces inspired me to put myself out there to let the art within me flow free. Just like him, I like to do art while listening to music. Somehow, the genre or choice of music does affect the mood and the artwork being done. For example, I was listening to upbeat music while finger painting leading me to happily guide my hand across the paper. Moreover, sad music would most likely make me slowly and gently touch the paper with paint. In relation to my ideas and perceptions, I wholeheartedly agree that spontaneity and one’s own creative mind are some of the sole creators of a unique piece of art. No matter if one is drawing a piece that is simple as the mirrored pictures or more detailed pieces that were depicted in the samurai mask or animal piece, it’s vital to know that what one loves will guide artwork to mere perfection.




IMG_3109 2.JPG


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