Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

First glance at this activity, and I honestly was lost and didn’t know where to start. I literally glared at the pictures below for the longest time before I figured out what I wanted to do as an architect! Since most people have seen the USU wedge and know the whole sha-bang behind it, I decided to switch it up a bit and work towards the FA4 wedge since I haven’t really seen it till last Wednesday. Trust me, I was at a loss of words when I saw the random tree blocking the path to the door and the stairs. However, don’t worry though because I think I got it all figured out.


Designs begin, and I know I didn’t want to cut the tree because of its beauty and significance. Oh, and aesthetics right? Anyways, I decided to leave the tree and the building there. Moreover, the only difference I made was to remove the hedge/bush plus flowers behind the tree. Also, I decided to remove the dirt past the tree or behind the bike racks, and make a pathway instead to the doors of the building. Easy access and the tree is still there. Everything seems perfect to me!


Change is either good or bad, but this time I aimed for it to be better. I believe that removing the greens behind the tree will be beneficial since there will still be a path and the tree will still be growing and present. No complaints from anyone AND a pathway. YAY 🙂 Basically, I made this choice because I initially didn’t know what to do and was really on the edge about just removing the tree to get it over with. However, I decided on this because nature is still present in front of the building plus a pathway will be provided. So, it ends up working out both ways in the end. People still get the beauty from the surroundings, as well as the accessibility of a pathway.


Overall, I think students will actually appreciate the removal of the bushes or design that I created. Maybe it won’t be as great as removing the tree itself, but at least the students will know that effort was made while still considering the importance of having the tree still there. Since not as many students pass by through this wedge as compared to the other, I don’t think much chaos would be caused by having my design be initiated. However, I still think that there wouldn’t be any chaos at all since I left the tree there. I’m sure the students will think that it’s normal to have a pathway behind the tree from then on since there would still be a way to get to class. Access and beauty of nature breaks the deal for everyone, and that’s what I plan to initiate with my design!

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