Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Renette Tabadero and Lyle Adonis

Expanding horizons is always a great thing to do, so this week allowed me to meet another great individual to add to my friends list in ART 110. As I’ve said in all my other classmate conversations, it’s always a pleasure to become acquainted with people that I’ve never even seen or talked to. Given this, I always look forward to this assignment. Anyways, this week, I met one new friend being Renette Tabadero and one old friend named Lyle Adonis.


Since I’ve already talked to Lyle, I’m deciding to center my talk more around Renette. Here it goes with summing up her life in a paragraph. I feel like Renette and I seems to share a bunch of similarities. One being that we both work at cafe’s for our part-time jobs, but her cafe is in Cypress. Also, we both have dogs as pets; moreover, she has a boy dog named Mason and a girl husky named Aria. I didn’t tell her this random fact, but I’ve always wanted to name my future daughter Aria! Another thing we share is that we are both partaking careers in nursing, as well as the fact that we’re both taking anatomy class this spring semester. As for her speciality in nursing, Renette wants to be an ER nurse or a surgical nurse. Besides school, Renette is an adventurous person who likes to go hiking and to the gym, just like me. Recently, we’ve both been booked with anatomy class so we haven’t had time to go to the gym sadly šŸ˜¦ !

As for Lyle, I’ve shared just about everything that I know about him in my other classmate conversation post. New things that I found out was that he doesn’t have a part time job, so he’s broke everyday in his words. Also, Lyle has cats for pets since he doesn’t have to do much with taking care of them. Random story: When he was training as an EMT, he was in an ambulance when a guy got shot. Luckily, the guy didn’t die!

Both Lyle and Renette are great people, and I’m definitely glad that I had the honor to meet them. I’m sure that I’ll see both of them around since I’m getting to know them better with each and every class that we go to. Within no time, I’ll learn more random facts and stories about both of them that could be shared. Until then, here are links to both of their blogs! Click for Lyle: https://lylesbakery.wordpress.comĀ & Click for Renette:Ā https://renettesite.wordpress.com

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