Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures)

Initially, I figured a night without electricity would be great for me since I’m literally always on social media for the majority of my days. However, of course, I knew at the same time that this activity would be difficult given my attachment to electronics. When pondering what to do about this activity, I immediately thought about just having a nice bath in the dark with candlelights by my side just to reflect on life and my thoughts in the dark. Moreover, it would give me time to relax instead of stressing about school and just endlessly scrolling down my feeds and timelines of social media. Besides the bath by candlelight, I had to continue my night with just sleeping it off. Too much thoughts would be overbearing, so I decided to call it a night.


As I’ve said, I figured the activity would be difficult at first; however, it was easy as the time progressed since I got some time to myself to think. I wouldn’t say it was frustrating at all because who wouldn’t like some time to think about life and destress themselves? Given this, it was more of a liberating experience where I was able to let myself go within my thoughts. I wouldn’t say I got better sleep because sleep isn’t much for me nowadays. Even if I was more relaxed, a night without electricity wouldn’t give me a better sleep in my opinion. Honestly, I would say I am usually sleep deprived because of the stress of school, more specifically the anatomy course I’m taking this semester. If I was to sleep well every night, I would be able to get more hours in and have smaller eye bags. Right now, my eye bags are like big sacks that are just dragging me down sadly :(.


Living without electricity would be more harmonious with nature for me because I’d be able to appreciate my surroundings more. For example, I wouldn’t be constantly looking at my phone when going out of my house. In our generation, our electronics rule us over. Without having the convenience of escaping the world in front of us, people would admire nature and the beauties of the world in general. Also, living without electricity is definitely more limited, yet it isn’t boring. As I’ve said, we wouldn’t see much people on their phones at dinner instead of interacting with the friends and family that are important to them. It’d be limited, but I feel as if it would be more beneficial. I guess I could say that it would be boring if I had to do it continuously for a long time, but just a couple of days or weeks without electricity wouldn’t hurt. Then again, we are using the internet and electricity for our blogs, so I would need it no matter what.


Personally, it wouldn’t be hard to survive without constant stimulation. I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over again, but it’d just be us interacting with those around us and even nature itself. People would learn to love the simple things, and not pay much attention to the negative things. I feel like people would be more peaceful since they wouldn’t really be influenced by negativity as much. As for my ideal level of life activity and connectivity, I think it would be higher than now since I would be disconnected from electronics. Moreover, I would be more prone to outside activities since there wouldn’t be much else to do. Also, I would be able to connect personally more to people instead of talking on screen to others. Some people usually hide themselves behind social media and don’t really talk much to others in person. Furthermore, it’s as if we rely on electronics so much. I’m not saying that electronics and social media is bad for us cause there are some benefits to it, but I feel like my childhood with not much electronics was more of an experience that children today should feel. Overall, this activity taught me that it’s good to live a life reflecting those in pre-electric cultures and that I’d honestly love to go back to that era.

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