Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Artist: Travis Lober
Exhibition: Work: It’s a four letter word
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A; No Website
Instagram: N/A; No Instagram

About the Artist

Travis Lober is an Undergraduate Senior student in the Printmaking BFA program. Originally, when he came to CSULB, he was in the Graphic Design program; however, he took a printmaking class as an elective and found it more engaging plus interactive. With printmaking, Lober felt like it was all about working hands on with activities and interacting more with people through his art. He’s always been into art itself since he was about ten or twelve years old, where he once resided in Northern California. In fact, his family or dad inspired him to pursue and get going with art because his dad graduated with a Fine Arts degree. Now shifting, various forms of arts attracted him: from graphic art to trades, which was more of a sculptural and physical art form. Lober’s interests all encompass within art since he doesn’t have much time because printmaking requires dedication full on. As for his exhibition, it encompasses tools and commercial application to the point where viewers should view the tools as more than what is seen in the prints itself.

Formal Analysis

Beginning with the right side of the wall, Lober put together four different prints or images to show a “work in progress” of a tractor, wood, and another piece of machinery. As the images move to the right, the print changes from a olive green to a blackish-gray print at the end. These pieces on the wall were more straight in appearance with lines and rhythms forming the actual pieces of construction. Moving on to the center piece, it was more interactive to the audience; moreover, the structures weren’t only on print. On the bottom portion of the wood where metals with tools being hammers and measuring tapes on the upper portion in print. For the pieces with a bluish or grayish background, there were more details to the lines and the shapes forming the equipment. In a way, it felt like the images had portions popping out to the viewer. For the last two pieces closer to the entrance, the prints shifted to brighter yellow and orange colors. Clearly, on the left are working shoes, yet the right seems to be a form of uniform with a belt. The same rhythm and line is used throughout the whole exhibit basically to encompass the tools used. Everything in this exhibit was made to the lines and formations to completely duplicate real life tools into print form.

Content Analysis

From the beginning, all of his work began as class projects that evolved into concepts towards mediums that he would use to display imagery. The exhibition focuses on actual tools and their uses. Before he embarked on art, he was a construction worker. Working in construction led him to look at tools and trades in a different way to the point where he sees them as things or even beings that are formed differently for varying tasks. Moreover, printing these tools basically brought him back to feeling and being within the whole construction zone. The whole five senses that he felt when eh used these tools is what he wants to get to his viewers; furthermore, he wants people to look at tools differently to the point where they aren’t viewed as just simple tools. Travis wants people to see the beauty that he sees in the tools and the art imagery itself. With his experience in construction, he found it more helpful technically to have that background to carve blocks with precisions and with trades in general. As for transitions, it’s all automatic with a block being a certain size and carvings in certain areas with different angles. Lober’s exhibition took him a total of three years being that printmaking is not an easy process; moreover, it’s all about carving each block print and each different color at a time.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, Travis Lober’s exhibit encompasses around the idea of work and tools as can be told by the exhibition name. Tools that are presented in this gallery can easily be used day to day, but some don’t come to realize the connection they could have with tools to form art. Just like Lober, I feel like I could connect to other objects on a different level where my different senses remind me of a certain moment. With him, his construction tools brought him back to the vibrations that he felt with machinery. As for me, I feel like seeing or keeping various objects that were from a special moment bring me back to that certain time. For example, I had things in my art care package that I still keep to this day because it brings me back to moments with a special loved one. Honestly, beauty comes in all forms; moreover, his exhibition revolved around the beauty of tools. In my life, I feel like it would revolve around the beauty of nature and past objects that bring me back to reminisce about important milestones. Art is meant to get people thinking and to feel that connection with a certain art piece, and I can say that Lober’s exhibit made it clear to me of the simple things that are still important and valuable to me.







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