Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow

As always, one of my favorite activities in art for the week are classmate conversations. I mean who doesn’t love meeting new people right, but I guess I used to be that shy type. Now, I somewhat bloomed and love talking to people non stop. It’s like when I start talking to someone, I literally won’t stop and my so-called new friends are now introduced to my sarcasm. Anyways, without further ado, my new friend for this week is named Derek Chow.


Derek is a Kinesiology major, which is great since it’s within the medical field. Moreover, he wants to be a physical therapist in the future. It’s funny cause I figured that if nursing wasn’t going to work out for me that I would want to be a physical therapist, so Derek is pursuing my second dream job basically. Since we’re talking about our majors, we both had to or have to take anatomy before getting into our majors. Literally, we both looked at each other and knew immediately all the suffering that we went through as we looked in each other’s eyes.

Besides school, we share quite some similarities with hobbies and interests. We both like to go hiking and are quite active people. Moreover, we appreciate the nature around us and love to experience new hiking spots. Also, we both really like steak! If you know me, I’m all about food. Given this, I literally was jumping for joy when he said he liked steak. I know, weird much, but I’m a big foodie. Also, we are both night owls instead of morning people. We don’t like the struggle of waking up and would rather live the night life, whether it be partying, hanging out with friends, or just studying for classes in general. Overall, Derek is a great person and I’m truly glad that I met him. I’m hoping that we’ll still be great friends even though the semester is ending soon.

Derek’s site is right here guys!: https://derekcsite.wordpress.com

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