Wk 14 – Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden

From the beginning of this art class, I always remembered that we had an activity to do towards the end of the semester at the CSULB Japanese Garden. Moreover, it was one of the activities that I looked forward to doing. For one, I love nature, so to be doing activities that involve the outdoors is a great plus for me. Also, I love activities that let my mind expand to the horizons while not being in such a closed space. Being open in general is an outlook on life that I personally reflect on, as well as an aspect that I love to see in others. That being said, I appreciated spending quite some time admiring nature and its beauty in the garden.


Honestly, my sketches didn’t come out as beautiful as I wanted them to be; furthermore, I also  know that not everything in art can be perfect. I’m not much of a person that draws and I’m not that good at it if I end up drawing. No matter what, I decided to think positive and just go with the flow. The best one to me was the five minute sketch because I had time to appreciate the surroundings while allowing myself time to actually draw details. I decided to draw the section below since it basically encompassed every single beautiful thing in the garden besides the beauty of the koi fishes and water lilies in the pond. Moreover, I decided to draw the corner piece with the bridge in the background and the platform where the people were standing.


As I said above, my best sketch is under the letter B portion. Compared to my other sketches, I feel like that was the drawing that got the most detail. Although, I do like my ten second sketches too. Even if I was rushed on time, I felt like simplicity is the best aspect in all situations. My fishes and people don’t seem like such great sketches, but it looks good coming from an individual that doesn’t do much with drawing in general. Overall, my experience with sketching at the Japanese Garden was one of the best activities that we’ve done so far throughout the semester. Honestly, I’m going to miss doing art like this once the semester ends. However, I’m sure that I’ll keep it in my heart to always appreciate nature and maybe even do art while admiring it.



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