Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life

Being the last week of art, I figured I wouldn’t really have much to ponder about on life in general. However, I was quickly surprised with the activity that we had to end up doing. Life alone gets me thinking about what I want for myself and my future; moreover, I envision a life that is basically planned out and perfect. When faced with three different situations, I was challenged and perplexed since I couldn’t really decide for myself what I really wanted to do for the options that weren’t part of my reality right now. Therefore, it led me to hours and hours of thinking about what my life holds for me. Here goes my explanation of my possible lives in the following paragraphs.


The first possible future dealt with what I currently think I’m doing with my life, which involves me being a pediatric nurse. From the start, I’ve always pictured myself as a person that wanted to help others. Moreover, I was always into volunteering and just being there for people when they needed me. To achieve this life, I would have to continue my studies and do the best I can in the courses I’m taking right now to get into a nursing program that would later lead me to my degree. To be honest, this would be my ideal life and it would be simple. Running it down from the start: first year equals internship phase; second year equals applying to hospitals and taking a vacation to the Philippines; third year equals getting married, traveling some more, and buying a house; fourth year equals having a kid; fifth year equals striving for a better job position. As for ratings, the four categories would be cut down to: 90% confidence, 95% resources, 100% impact, and 100% satisfaction. Life as a pediatric nurse would be the best possible future for me that I’d actually love.

The second possible future is all about the thing that I would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow. Without my future in nursing, I feel like I would have to explore a little to get back into the feel of school for a different career. Therefore, I would spend five years as an adventurer roaming the world for fun, as well as looking for myself. From the start, here is my five year plan that involves not only the one activity listed: first year would be spent in Jamaica where I could go cliff jumping; second year would be spent in Mexico where I could go cave diving; third year would be spent in South Africa where I could go shark diving; fourth year would be spent in Alaska where I would be white water rafting; fifth year would be spent in Brazil where I would go hang gliding. With association to the scales, I wouldn’t rate them as highly as my life as a pediatric nurse; however, there is still quite some high ratings being: 50% confidence, 40% resources, 75% impact, and 85% satisfaction.

The third possible future would be where I was financially secure with no judgement on what I wanted to do, so basically I got to pick what I wanted to do for a living without any influences. Since I’m such a big foodie, I decided that I would live my life as a traveling food blogger. With my five years, I would travel to many different places; however, I decided to just name one place for each year. I’m all about trying the real cuisines to figure out what the actual food tastes like from the actual region. Cutting down the years, here it goes: first year would be traveling to Japan; second year would be traveling to Italy; third year would be traveling to Vietnam; fourth year would be traveling to Australia; fifth year would be traveling to Spain. In all these years though, I would hope to be traveling the world with my significant other. For the ratings, I would say that it’d be higher than life as an adventurer, yet lower than life as a pediatric nurse. The scales would be as follows: 80% confidence, 100% resources (since I have the money), 80% impact, and 90% satisfaction.

Rapid prototyping seems quite efficient when thinking about the future, whether it be with interviews, LinkedIn, or practice rounds of our future careers. For my interview, I decided to ask my mom about how much she actually likes her current job as a nurse and how much work goes into it. I can honestly already tell that my mom dedicates hours and hours of work to her patients, so I wanted to know her personal thoughts. Little background knowledge, my mom is like the sweetest person ever so all her patients love her! Anyways, my mom was telling me that it takes dedication and love for the job itself. Moreover, she told me that hours don’t really matter as long as she’s providing the best care possible for the people she takes care of. To be honest, this is why I wanted to pursue this career in the first place cause I love taking care of people and just being there for them, so having my mom reassure me about my future career that is her present career is a great thing. As for LinkedIn, I’ve actually seen and heard about it before, but I haven’t gotten the chance to sign up for it. It’s always good to network, but I feel like I wouldn’t really use it as a resource as much since I have a bunch of family members in the medical field that can assist me along the way personally. Perks of being Filipino and trying to pursue a career as a nurse! Lastly, practice is definitely important in all situations. In my situation as a future nurse, I would implement practice by volunteering or getting an internship at a hospital to further involve myself in an environment that I’ll have to get used to. Also, hands on activities that involve taking care of patients would be useful as well. No matter what, there are so many resources out there for me and other people in general that I feel like the world is totally leaning towards my favor! Best of luck to everyone and their futures 🙂


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