Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Nikita Sama

Last week of classes before finals, and I was definitely looking forward to meeting my last classmate for the semester. As always, I meet the loveliest people, so let’s cut it to the chase and introduce my classmate for this week: Nikita Sama.

Nikita is a first year here at CSULB, who is pursing a degree in health science. Moreover, she plans to go towards the path of med school to become a doctor once she graduates with her bachelor’s degree. As of right now, she is actually doing an internship at Saint Mary’s hospital to further help with her future career, so that’s a plus! On the topic of school, she decided to go to CSULB since she loved the feeling of being in a big city. Originally, she’s from the Central Valley. I’m actually not too familiar with the area, but I believe it’s quite far since she dorms. When we were talking about school, we were on the same page about school kicking our behinds, literally; however, we both still live a good life in general. Nikita does have big dreams, but I’m sure she’ll achieve them cause she seems like an individual that perseveres!


As for her social life and more interesting topics besides school, she shared with me that she’s in a sorority. To be honest, I wanted to be in one when I first enrolled at CSULB, yet I figured that it would take too much time off my hands. Nikita, however, proved me wrong and told me that there’s not much time commitment or mandatory events that have to be attended. Sucks because I’ll be applying to different schools now for nursing, so it’s too late for me to join a sorority 😦 Other than the sorority, she spends her time similar to mine: work, gym, and just plain hobbies or things to do in our free time. Specifically, she works at Sephora in Los Angeles. As for the gym, she actually has a personal trainer who helps her with working out a lot. I admire people that push towards their goals, whether it be in fitness or in life. Last but not least, Nikita told me that she likes to watch Netflix when given the time. I mean who doesn’t! She’s honestly a sweet-hearted individual, and anyone can see for themselves by clicking the link to her blog right here: https://nikitasama.wordpress.com!


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