Wk 15 – EC Post – Evaluating the Class

To be completely honest, I loved this class the most out of all the classes I took through out my two years here at CSULB. I can say at times that it was a workload having three activities to do each week, but each assignment contributed to my understanding of art in general. Not only was it art-oriented, but each activity also contributed to life lessons as well. Even if I’ve appreciated the beauty of nature before, I’ve come to love it even more with art and admiring simple little things in the big picture.


Based off the art activities, I did have ones that I loved and ones that were not so great in my opinion. Let’s start off with my favorites. For one, I really loved the finger painting activity since it let me explore my own capabilities by just letting myself go. It’s weird cause I honestly expected my painting to be complete trash, yet it turned out to be an abstract piece of art. Another activity that I liked was the art care package since I got to relive a couple of memories by sending a special someone certain things. Moreover, it allowed me to construct a big art piece from little pieces added together. The last activity that I really appreciated was the graffiti writing, which ties in closely to the finger painting. Graffiti writing allowed me to explore the art that I see around me, and it made me realize how it actually isn’t that easy to print just a name. However, it was fun for me since I got to use spray paint. Honestly, anything with paint and little emblems of the past are parts of the things that I love.


As for my not so favorite activities, there were quite a few. It’s not because I didn’t like them fully, but there were just some areas or aspects that I wasn’t fond of. One activity was the zines and flip books activity because I couldn’t really get my mind wrapped around it. I understood the concept and what to do, yet it was just hard to come up with an idea that would appeal to viewers. Maybe it was just me, but I’m not much on creativity. Instead, I’m more on the openness of art and what it can offer with simplicity. Another activity that wasn’t completely great to me was the plaster casting. I mean I did love going to the beach, but it was an activity that was actually quite hard for me. Of course, I don’t expect things to come easily; however, it was difficult to mold the perfect shape of a certain body piece. Lastly, the landscapes with a corpse activity just got me on the least favorite side since I had to think of death and that’s a subject I don’t really like touching up on. It did allow people to expand on how they wanted their death to be though, whether it be unique or practical. Frankly, my least favorite activities weren’t completely bad; it was just slight things that I disliked.


Out of all the websites provided, I really liked WordPress because it expanded my vision on the idea of blogs. Moreover, I really liked the idea of creating my own website and allowing my own creativity to embody what is presented. Both Slack and WordPress allowed for easy access to our assignments, so I feel like I prefer these options over BeachBoard. With BeachBoard, discussions are quite of a drag for me since I have to click each post individually. In opposition, Slack allows me to easily scroll down the discussion without having to open up so many posts. BeachBoard is definitely a website that I am more familiar with, but adjusting to Slack and WordPress was quite easy.  Overall, I would keep WordPress alone since Slack didn’t quite appeal to me; maybe because I’m not much of a discussion person. I definitely love talking to others, but I feel like many of our thoughts come into one. At times, I felt like Slack was a first come, first serve basis with ideas, which made me want to be the first one to write a post at times.


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