Wk 15 – EC Post – Evaluating the Class

To be completely honest, I loved this class the most out of all the classes I took through out my two years here at CSULB. I can say at times that it was a workload having three activities to do each week, but each assignment contributed to my understanding of art in general. Not only was it art-oriented, but each activity also contributed to life lessons as well. Even if I’ve appreciated the beauty of nature before, I’ve come to love it even more with art and admiring simple little things in the big picture.


Based off the art activities, I did have ones that I loved and ones that were not so great in my opinion. Let’s start off with my favorites. For one, I really loved the finger painting activity since it let me explore my own capabilities by just letting myself go. It’s weird cause I honestly expected my painting to be complete trash, yet it turned out to be an abstract piece of art. Another activity that I liked was the art care package since I got to relive a couple of memories by sending a special someone certain things. Moreover, it allowed me to construct a big art piece from little pieces added together. The last activity that I really appreciated was the graffiti writing, which ties in closely to the finger painting. Graffiti writing allowed me to explore the art that I see around me, and it made me realize how it actually isn’t that easy to print just a name. However, it was fun for me since I got to use spray paint. Honestly, anything with paint and little emblems of the past are parts of the things that I love.


As for my not so favorite activities, there were quite a few. It’s not because I didn’t like them fully, but there were just some areas or aspects that I wasn’t fond of. One activity was the zines and flip books activity because I couldn’t really get my mind wrapped around it. I understood the concept and what to do, yet it was just hard to come up with an idea that would appeal to viewers. Maybe it was just me, but I’m not much on creativity. Instead, I’m more on the openness of art and what it can offer with simplicity. Another activity that wasn’t completely great to me was the plaster casting. I mean I did love going to the beach, but it was an activity that was actually quite hard for me. Of course, I don’t expect things to come easily; however, it was difficult to mold the perfect shape of a certain body piece. Lastly, the landscapes with a corpse activity just got me on the least favorite side since I had to think of death and that’s a subject I don’t really like touching up on. It did allow people to expand on how they wanted their death to be though, whether it be unique or practical. Frankly, my least favorite activities weren’t completely bad; it was just slight things that I disliked.


Out of all the websites provided, I really liked WordPress because it expanded my vision on the idea of blogs. Moreover, I really liked the idea of creating my own website and allowing my own creativity to embody what is presented. Both Slack and WordPress allowed for easy access to our assignments, so I feel like I prefer these options over BeachBoard. With BeachBoard, discussions are quite of a drag for me since I have to click each post individually. In opposition, Slack allows me to easily scroll down the discussion without having to open up so many posts. BeachBoard is definitely a website that I am more familiar with, but adjusting to Slack and WordPress was quite easy. ¬†Overall, I would keep WordPress alone since Slack didn’t quite appeal to me; maybe because I’m not much of a discussion person. I definitely love talking to others, but I feel like many of our thoughts come into one. At times, I felt like Slack was a first come, first serve basis with ideas, which made me want to be the first one to write a post at times.


Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Nikita Sama

Last week of classes before finals, and I was definitely looking forward to meeting my last classmate for the semester. As always, I meet the loveliest people, so let’s cut it to the chase and introduce my classmate for this week: Nikita Sama.

Nikita is a first year here at CSULB, who is pursing a degree in health science. Moreover, she plans to go towards the path of med school to become a doctor once she graduates with her bachelor’s degree. As of right now, she is actually doing an internship at Saint Mary’s hospital to further help with her future career, so that’s a plus! On the topic of school, she decided to go to CSULB since she loved the feeling of being in a big city. Originally, she’s from the Central Valley. I’m actually not too familiar with the area, but I believe it’s quite far since she dorms. When we were talking about school, we were on the same page about school kicking our behinds, literally; however, we both still live a good life in general. Nikita does have big dreams, but I’m sure she’ll achieve them cause she seems like an individual that perseveres!


As for her social life and more interesting topics besides school, she shared with me that she’s in a sorority. To be honest, I wanted to be in one when I first enrolled at CSULB, yet I figured that it would take too much time off my hands. Nikita, however, proved me wrong and told me that there’s not much time commitment or mandatory events that have to be attended. Sucks because I’ll be applying to different schools now for nursing, so it’s too late for me to join a sorority ūüė¶ Other than the sorority, she spends her time similar to mine: work, gym, and just plain hobbies or things to do in our free time. Specifically, she works at Sephora in Los Angeles. As for the gym, she actually has a personal trainer who helps her with working out a lot. I admire people that push towards their goals, whether it be in fitness or in life. Last but not least, Nikita told me that she likes to watch Netflix when given the time. I mean who doesn’t! She’s honestly a sweet-hearted individual, and anyone can see for themselves by clicking the link to her blog right here:¬†https://nikitasama.wordpress.com!

Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life

Being the last week of art, I figured I wouldn’t really have much to ponder about on life in general. However, I was quickly surprised with the activity that we had to end up doing. Life alone gets me thinking about what I want for myself and my future; moreover, I envision a life that is basically planned out and perfect. When faced with three different situations, I was challenged and perplexed since I couldn’t really decide for myself what I really wanted to do for the options that weren’t part of my reality right now. Therefore, it led me to hours and hours of thinking about what my life holds for me. Here goes my explanation of my possible lives in the following paragraphs.


The first possible future dealt with what I currently think I’m doing with my life, which involves me being a pediatric nurse. From the start, I’ve always pictured myself as a person that wanted to help others. Moreover, I was always into volunteering and just being there for people when they needed me. To achieve this life, I would have to continue my studies and do the best I can in the courses I’m taking right now to get into a nursing program that would later lead me to my degree. To be honest, this would be my ideal life and it would be simple. Running it down from the start: first year equals internship phase; second year equals applying to hospitals and taking a vacation to the Philippines; third year equals getting married, traveling some more, and buying a house; fourth year equals having a kid; fifth year equals striving for a better job position. As for ratings, the four categories would be cut down to: 90% confidence, 95% resources, 100% impact, and 100% satisfaction. Life as a pediatric nurse would be the best possible future for me that I’d actually love.

The second possible future is all about the thing that I would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow. Without my future in nursing, I feel like I would have to explore a little to get back into the feel of school for a different career. Therefore, I would spend five years as an adventurer roaming the world for fun, as well as looking for myself. From the start, here is my five year plan that involves not only the one activity listed: first year would be spent in Jamaica where I could go cliff jumping; second year would be spent in Mexico where I could go cave diving; third year would be spent in South Africa where I could go shark diving; fourth year would be spent in Alaska where I would be white water rafting; fifth year would be spent in Brazil where I would go hang gliding. With association to the scales, I wouldn’t rate them as highly as my life as a pediatric nurse; however, there is still quite some high ratings being: 50% confidence, 40% resources, 75% impact, and 85% satisfaction.

The third possible future would be where I was financially secure with no judgement on what I wanted to do, so basically I got to pick what I wanted to do for a living without any influences. Since I’m such a big foodie, I decided that I would live my life as a traveling food blogger. With my five years, I would travel to many different places; however, I decided to just name one place for each year. I’m all about trying the real cuisines to figure out what the actual food tastes like from the actual region. Cutting down the years, here it goes: first year would be traveling to Japan; second year would be traveling to Italy; third year would be traveling to Vietnam; fourth year would be traveling to Australia; fifth year would be traveling to Spain. In all these years though, I would hope to be traveling the world with my significant other. For the ratings, I would say that it’d be higher than life as an adventurer, yet lower than life as a pediatric nurse. The scales would be as follows: 80% confidence, 100% resources (since I have the money), 80% impact, and 90% satisfaction.

Rapid prototyping seems quite efficient when thinking about the future, whether it be with interviews, LinkedIn, or practice rounds of our future careers. For my interview, I decided to ask my mom about how much she actually likes her current job as a nurse and how much work goes into it. I can honestly already tell that my mom dedicates hours and hours of work to her patients, so I wanted to know her personal thoughts. Little background knowledge, my mom is like the sweetest person ever so all her patients love her! Anyways, my mom was telling me that it takes dedication and love for the job itself. Moreover, she told me that hours don’t really matter as long as she’s providing the best care possible for the people she takes care of. To be honest, this is why I wanted to pursue this career in the first place cause I love taking care of people and just being there for them, so having my mom reassure me about my future career that is her present career is a great thing. As for LinkedIn, I’ve actually seen and heard about it before, but I haven’t gotten the chance to sign up for it. It’s always good to network, but I feel like I wouldn’t really use it as a resource as much since I have a bunch of family members in the medical field that can assist me along the way personally. Perks of being Filipino and trying to pursue a career as a nurse! Lastly, practice is definitely important in all situations. In my situation as a future nurse, I would implement practice by volunteering or getting an internship at a hospital to further involve myself in an environment that I’ll have to get used to. Also, hands on activities that involve taking care of patients would be useful as well. No matter what, there are so many resources out there for me and other people in general that I feel like the world is totally leaning towards my favor! Best of luck to everyone and their futures ūüôā

Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Ceasar Mark Nonga

As the semester is coming to a close, we had a beautiful opportunity to meet a new classmate, aka new friend, in a beautiful location being the Japanese Garden at our school. Coming into the garden, I already knew that I was going to befriend an amazing individual. I mean every single time I go to art class, it’s what I expect since everyone is so unique in their own ways. It’s weird because art is a class where I see people from a different perspective, and I don’t know if it’s because I find the subject of art alone to be special in all its ways. Art class honestly makes me think so much more about life and the people around me that I wonder what goes on in other people’s lives that I’m so intrigued and ready to meet new people each week. That being said, my guest star of the week is Ceasar Mark Nonga.


Let’s start with the basic things about him. Ceasar was born in September of 1997, which is literally a month before my birthday in October. Libra babies, yay! Anyways, he was born in the Philippines and raised in Carson. He also played tennis in high school, which is another similarity that we share. Moreover, he played doubles, so maybe we can be partners one day in tennis when we play a match together! As for family aspects, he has a sister who is three years older than him, which is the same as me. Pretty rad, right? We share so many similarities, and maybe that’s why we got along so well.

Ceasar is majoring in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Science, so like me he had to take anatomy class as a prerequisite. We both know that it’s literally a struggle and a pain to go through the class itself, but at least we survived it! All his hard work is going towards a future in the physical therapy program at CSULB, and I’m hoping that he’ll get in! Honestly, I’m pretty sure he got it cause he’s smart and seems like the type that can handle anything that is thrown at him. Besides school, he takes great interest in many things: break dancing, anime, hip hop music, going to the gym, and eating. The last word in that sentence is something that we greatly share because I am a big foodie! Anyways, I’m more than honored to have met such a great friend this week. I mean look at his blog and see for yourself how great he is:¬†https://macncheesersalad.wordpress.com.

You won’t be wasting your time by clicking the link, so go for it ūüôā

Wk 14 – Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden

From the beginning of this art class, I always remembered that we had an activity to do towards the end of the semester at the CSULB Japanese Garden. Moreover, it was one of the activities that I looked forward to doing. For one, I love nature, so to be doing activities that involve the outdoors is a great plus for me. Also, I love activities that let my mind expand to the horizons while not being in such a closed space. Being open in general is an outlook on life that I personally reflect on, as well as an aspect that I love to see in others. That being said, I appreciated spending quite some time admiring nature and its beauty in the garden.


Honestly, my sketches didn’t come out as beautiful as I wanted them to be; furthermore, I also ¬†know that not everything in art can be perfect. I’m not much of a person that draws and I’m not that good at it if I end up drawing. No matter what, I decided to think positive and just go with the flow. The best one to me was the five minute sketch because I had time to appreciate the surroundings while allowing myself time to actually draw details. I decided to draw the section below since it basically encompassed every single beautiful thing in the garden besides the beauty of the koi fishes and water lilies in the pond. Moreover, I decided to draw the corner piece with the bridge in the background and the platform where the people were standing.


As I said above, my best sketch is under the letter B portion. Compared to my other sketches, I feel like that was the drawing that got the most detail. Although, I do like my ten second sketches too. Even if I was rushed on time, I felt like simplicity is the best aspect in all situations. My fishes and people don’t seem like such great sketches, but it looks good coming from an individual that doesn’t do much with drawing in general. Overall, my experience with sketching at the Japanese Garden was one of the best activities that we’ve done so far throughout the semester. Honestly, I’m going to miss doing art like this once the semester ends. However, I’m sure that I’ll keep it in my heart to always appreciate nature and maybe even do art while admiring it.


Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida: Dinner is Served
Media: Metal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: www.kgrmetalcraft.com
Instagram: kgrmetalcraft

About the Artist

Krystal Ramirez is an Undergraduate student, who is graduating this year as a senior at CSULB. Currently, she is in the program formally known as 3D Media and Metal; otherwise, known as Metal Smithing and Jewelry Design. After she finishes, she plans to go back to community college in order to learn more about steel. Also, she plans to evolve her website more, to participate in craft shows, and to get an internship. Before even going to CSULB, she went to Orange County High School of Arts where she was introduced to jewelry in her senior year leading to her falling in love with it; furthermore, she met a professor that teaches at CSULB at her high school and was intrigued and motivated to pursue a degree in Metal Smithing and Jewelry Design. Besides her interest in art, she also loves to thrift and do things that involve DIY crafts that are made from scratch.

Formal Analysis

Simplicity within artistic abilities. The gallery itself was centered around a dinner table that had various plates with different metals. All the materials were made out of metal and had quite an emphasis on bronze and silver color types. From bowls to silverware to random, curved shaped metals, the art itself had a similar rhythm with constant lines. While some metals had straight lines, others were meant to be curved. Basically, the metals made it feel as if the viewers were at a dinner table to be in the moment where families all united as one.

Content Analysis

As I’ve previously stated, the whole exhibition is based on Krystal and her memories from being at the dinner table with her family. Moreover, it’s a place where families talk about casual and serious things all at the same time; a place where there are zero limits as to what can be said to express what one is feeling. All her metal works were transformed as an inspiration from her family and the journey along with influences and reflections of ideas, peoples, and the past. It’s also about connections that she has made with people and how it has carried into her life to lead her to the individual that she is today.

Synthesis / My Experience

For me, this exhibition hit it out of the park since it brought back memories of my family eating around the dinner table since the start. Till this day, my family still incorporates the dinner table as part of our end of the night get together. This is the moment, just like Krystal’s, where we get to talk about what happened for the day and everything that we want to share. All the good news, all the bad news. Honestly, as long as I have my family there all together at the dinner table then everything is perfect. Overall, Krystal and I share the same values that “dinner is served” at the table and it’s where relationships will continue to form.



Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow

As always, one of my favorite activities in art for the week are classmate conversations. I mean who doesn’t love meeting new people right, but I guess I used to be that shy type. Now, I somewhat bloomed and love talking to people non stop. It’s like when I start talking to someone, I literally won’t stop and my so-called new friends are now introduced to my sarcasm. Anyways, without further ado, my new friend for this week is named Derek Chow.


Derek is a Kinesiology major, which is great since it’s within the medical field. Moreover, he wants to be a physical therapist in the future. It’s funny cause I figured that if nursing wasn’t going to work out for me that I would want to be a physical therapist, so Derek is pursuing my second dream job basically. Since we’re talking about our majors, we both had to or have to take anatomy before getting into our majors. Literally, we both looked at each other and knew immediately all the suffering that we went through as we looked in each other’s eyes.

Besides school, we share quite some similarities with hobbies and interests. We both like to go hiking and are quite active people. Moreover, we appreciate the nature around us and love to experience new hiking spots. Also, we both really like steak! If you know me, I’m all about food. Given this, I literally was jumping for joy when he said he liked steak. I know, weird much, but I’m a big foodie. Also, we are both night owls instead of morning people. We don’t like the struggle of waking up and would rather live the night life, whether it be partying, hanging out with friends, or just studying for classes in general. Overall, Derek is a great person and I’m truly glad that I met him. I’m hoping that we’ll still be great friends even though the semester is ending soon.

Derek’s site is right here guys!:¬†https://derekcsite.wordpress.com